My name is Katrina, and this is my first blog post on my personal website, a sample text with which to test out my site design. No one’s ever going to read it, so I suppose I can write whatever I like.

i can eschew proper capitalization

and punctuation

and bang and whimper


i want

until i stop making sense

or start

one or the other

spelunking vinegar fandango

Or begin a sentence with a conjunction and whimsically fill it with extraneous adverbs, carelessly chosen and defiantly sprinkled hither and yon, bitterly muttering under my breath about where Stephen King can stick his rabid anti-adverbial propaganda.

I can luxuriate in an extravagant bath of purple prose, thesaurus clutched in my fist like the last tofu burger at a vegan barbecue, and hold forth bombastically on the subject of stormy nights and their propensity to be dark— dark like chocolate, like humor, like the atramentous gloom of an ancient, Stygian forest.

But instead I think I’ll just say this: