Still Learning

My cats like to “help” me fold laundry.

I love to learn new things. I always have. I was that slightly annoying kid in school whose hand was perpetually up, whether to ask a question or to answer one. I loved picking out my classes every semester in high school and college, and would pore over course catalogs with the same fervor I used to reserve for toy store flyers when I was five. Many subjects that had no bearing on my major or my future job prospects found their way onto my university transcript: pottery, photography, even tennis (which–spoiler alert–I monumentally sucked at).

I’m long past college graduation now, but I continue to want to do all the things, a passion that is evidenced by my increasingly crowded home office, home to years’ worth of supplies, equipment, and books I’ve acquired to fuel a vast array of hobbies, hobbies that I have quickly and violently taken up, only to drop them unceremoniously after attaining a modicum of skill. Metal stamping, candle pouring, watercolors, survivalist prepping, sewing, calligraphy, digital publishing, knitting, quilting, cardmaking, Spanish (which I’m still learning; thank you Duolingo!)–my been-there-tried-that resume is long.

I make no apologies. Except perhaps to my husband, whose financial and emotional resources support my hummingbird ways.

So what’s on my table right now?

I’m learning to draw.

As the sole non-artist in my family of four, I’ve always admired the drawing skills that my husband apparently passed down to our spawn, but I don’t share them. My artistic development stopped somewhere around the fourth grade, as evidenced by these horses I drew this week, which still look like tables with hooves:

My people are still largely stick figures with clothes added on:

I want to learn to make better art, so I have taken a few steps in pursuit of that goal.

  1. I joined a Daily Creating Group, where members are given a daily prompt to encourage them to make something every day and share it with the group. They are super encouraging.
  2. I opened a new Instagram account ( just for chronicling my efforts to improve. It’s like hanging my schoolwork on the fridge, except strangers can walk by and look at it.
  3. I’ve been talking to and following (online, not in the creepy real-life way) artists who I admire to get ideas and tips. There are some great art tutorials on YouTube and Instagram both!

So that’s it. I’m sharing all of this to tell you I might sometimes post pictures here as well as blog posts and bits of writing. Don’t feel like you have to ooh and ahh (though if you do, I will probably walk around with goofy smile on my face.) I know what’s up. I’m having fun learning something new, and the fact that I’m not very good at it paradoxically takes a lot of the pressure off. It’s great. Creating stuff feels good, whatever happens after that. Let’s just think of this blog as the front of my refrigerator. I welcome your gold stars.


  1. I beg to differ about your artistic ability. I’ve seen evidence of your creativity and lovely creations for years! And I admire your hummingbird ways!

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