Tree 2.0

I’ve told my loved ones that when I die, I want to be interred in a green burial beneath a growing sapling, one that will rise and spread its limbs to give shade to the next generation after I’m gone. There’s even a company that has designed a special biodegradable pod for it: Sign me up.

Think of the romance, at the end of your life, of giving your nutrients back to the earth, where they will nourish plants and animals, including the tree that is growing around and through your remains, cradling you close to its heart as it burrows deep into the soil for sustenance.

Ideally, I think it would be cool for my burial tree to fall over in a bad storm hundreds of years from now, and have my bones, all tangled up in the rootball, start a mysterious, dramatic, and completely untrue local legend.

See to it, will you?

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